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Store Finn Flare

FiNN FLARE knows all about franchising and even a little more!

FiNN FLARE has been developing its franchise network since 2003, and today we can offer an efficient business plan, as well as unique experience of how to quickly set-up your own profitable business. An advantage of the FiNN FLARE franchise program is a lack of royalty and franchise fees, as well as an individual approach to every client

Store Finn Flare

FiNN FLARE specialists provide franchise partners with support at every business stage.

For partners opening FiNN FLARE brand stores we offer the most favorable and attractive cooperation conditions:

-  a new store can receive an additional 7 % discount on all goods shipped within two six-month periods

-   a partner who owns a certified brand store can receive a 15 % discount on the wholesale price list for all the purchased items.

-   a partner who purchases 100 % of a pre-order receives a retrobonus* in the form of a percentage of the pre-order price:

-    If the pre-order was purchased with a deferred payment – 2.5 %

-    If the pre-order was pre-paid – 6 %

Advantages of FiNN FLARE

The FiNN FLARE franchise program includes:

-    an analysis of the suitability of the planned store location as well as agreement on its opening day

-   calculation of investments and profitability of the project

-    development of a store design project; design and production of in-store equipment; planning of store lighting; development of a store sign template and corporate style elements; development of information and promotional materials needed for the store opening

-      assistance in the creation of a balanced product line, advice on order placement and trade margin control

-     advice on all business processes related to store operation

-      an on-site visit by the company's specialists on the opening day

-      posting of information on FiNN FLARE's regional stores on the company's website

For all questions concerning franchising and wholesale purchases please contact:

Stiroy Vitaliy
Business Development Manager

Ph. + 7 495 980 99 22


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