What is the FiNN FLARE franchise? 
We offer a ready-made business with minimum commercial risks, proven technologies and comprehensive support by the head office.

FiNN FLARE is not just a well-known brand, but one of the leaders on the Russian apparel market. 
Efficient work of our regional franchise partners is an important part of FiNN FLARE's success.

Why the FiNN FLARE franchise? 
FiNN FLARE has been developing its franchise network since 2003, we know all there is to know about the franchising and even some more. Over the last eight years of work in the markets of Russia and the CIS countries, we have gained unique experience and developed an efficient FiNN FLARE business plan that we are ready to share with you.

A distinctive feature of the FiNN FLARE franchise program is a lack of royalty and franchise fees, as well as an individual approach to every client.

Our franchise stores are ready-made success stories and a good example of how to create your own profitable business quickly and easily. We are never satisfied with what has already been achieved, continue to develop our franchise network and would like you to join the FiNN FLARE team.

Who can use the FiNN FLARE franchise? 
Anyone with fire in their eyes and a strong desire to create one's own business who is prepared to put in serious effort and immerse oneself in an exciting and fast-paced world of fashion. We cooperate both with big cities and small towns and are ready to consider all applications.
What we need from you is self-confidence and a desire to become the best, what you get from us is support, knowledge and experience.

And anyone who would like to start their own business with minimum start-up capital is invited to become our wholesale customer.

For all questions concerning franchising and wholesale purchases please contact: 

Ph. + 7 495 980 99 22


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