FiNN FLARE online store of women's & men's clothes

FiNN FLARE is a Finnish brand of top quality apparel. We offer a variety of clothing to satisfy the most demanding needs of our customers. Quality is the essence of who we are. Paired with sophisticated designs and the right value proposition it propels our international expansion. In 1960 the first FiNN FLARE factory was opened in the town of Salo, so we are the company with more than 50 years’ experience in the market. At the moment our retail chain includes over 150 shops.

Since 1960 we have been focusing on creating perfect quality clothing by using the best raw materials. All FiNN FLARE products pass the highest level of quality control in accordance with international standards. We are constantly striving to improve the technologies we apply to our products and lead the industry in introducing new developments. FiNN FLARE cares greatly about customer's health.

The FiNN FLARE outerwear can withstand low temperatures, because we use hypoallergenic, laboratory-tested down which is known as the world’s best natural insulator. It keeps warmth superbly due to the great number of fluffy filaments interlocking and overlapping to create insulating pockets of air. It also enables us to produce lighter jackets without sacrificing warmth. We use high quality fur for the products. The fur trim around a jacket hood violates airflow and creates turbulent air protecting the face skin from the chilblain.

Making products through inspiration and necessity, we always ask the question «why» with beginning of every design. FiNN FLARE winter jackets are designed to fit seamlessly, allowing freedom of movement and creating a superior interface. Obsessed with every detail, we create our outerwear in such a design way to guarantee an optimal balance between warmth and a perfect performance in low temperatures.

We are working on making our brand global and increasing its awareness.